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  • Should I use ice or heat after an auto injury?
    Right after an injury you probably have inflamation.  Always use ice.Heat is like adding flame to a fire.  You want to cool it down so always ice after an auto Read more
  • When to seek treatment after an auto accident?
    The sooner you seek treatment after you have been in an auto accident the more likely you are to recover fully. Studies have shown that the longer you wait, the Read more
  • Ask Dr. Cecil
    Why should I receive chiropractic care rather than physical therapy for and injury?While physical therapy has it's positives, chiropractic care seems to be a superior type of care.  Chiropractic addresses Read more


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  • "I was in an auto accident and had neck pain and headaches that practically crippled me. I was told that the Chiropractors at Albuquerque Neck and Back Pain Center are the best in Albuquerque. Well, they proved that to be true."
    Robert J. Albuquerque, NM

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